Data Done Right?

Earlier in the year we had covered ethical/legal issues that can come along with data storage, and how it may or may not violate a person’s privacy. I came across this article this morning, which outlines Ithaca’s new plan to take away metered parking, and to begin using LPRs, or License Plate recognition software which will allow for stricter enforcement of parking time limits. I think that this is an interesting approach, the software can recognize if the car has had five or more unpaid parking tickets. So far this is the only information that it seems that this software can recognize, other than whether or not the car has been moved within the past 2 hours, but it seems that there is potential for the software to dig up other information such as driving records and personal records as well that are tied to a person’s license. It definitely seems like an inconvenient change for the people parking their cars, for it forces you to move after two hours rather than just being able to feed a meter for more time, but it seems like the most efficient approach for the city. I will be curious to see how much more data storage comes into play as this system becomes more established.

Ithaca Parking Garage

Ithaca Parking Garage


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