User Acquisition Tips for Mobile Marketing


I love infographics, so naturally I was attracted to this post from Appia, a mobile user acquisition network that helps develop plans for developers, publishers and advertisers looking to attract new users for their mobile apps. The one element of this that surprised me was that users only recall branded banner ads 38% of the time. I would have expected this number to be higher, especially since banner ads have a tendency to be in a prominent position at the top of the screen, where users usually at least have to glance at it before scrolling down to the additional content. Perhaps this is because they know that it is a common place for ads to go, and they subconsciously tune them out.

Another part of this I still don’t know how I feel about is the target advertisements based on what websites the user has visited, or searches they have conducted. I like to see ads that are relevant to me, but sometimes they are not always relevant in a timely manner. For instance, I often get ads for a product that I have already purchased, off Amazon for instance, and I no longer need to be persuaded to buy the product. I think that ads like this could be more effective if one set was more of a follow up for post purchase, asking for a review or rating that would bring the buyer back to the seller or website (I don’t think technology allows sites to see whether or not things have been purchased just yet, but it’s just a thought.) This would eliminate redundancy and would foster more of a relationship between the buyer and seller.


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